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Welcome to the Mauritanian Community Association Website where you can connect with Mauritanian diaspora in the state of Ohio.

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Welcome to the Mauritanian Community Association Website where you can connect with Mauritanian Diaspora in the state of Ohio.
The Mauritanian Community Association is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Ohio and is located in Columbus, Ohio.

Formed based on the ambitions of young voluntary men and women whose main goal was to bring all Mauritanians under one strong community, the Mauritanian Community Association is established in the aim of helping Mauritanians living in the United States in many aspects: human, social and cultural. It has plans to extend its assistance programs in the future to Mauritanians in refuge in Senegal and Mali as well as Mauritanians in need in the mainland. The Mauritanian Community Association aims at assisting its members in the following areas:

  • Humanitarian Assistance,
  • Education and Culture,
  • Job Training
  • Paperwork & Application filing.

Our organization strives to serve Mauritanian communities around the United States. In the past, the association worked on a number of projects, ranging from small to large projects.

The Board

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The Mauritanian Community Association held a general meeting on November 24, 2011 (Thanksgiving Day) during which it elected a new board to lead the organization into achieving its established goals for the fiscal year 2012. The Board is lead by its new, dynamic president, Yaaghoub Ly.

The General Assembly of the Mauritanian Community Association held in November 2011 selected a good number of men and women it hopes will work together harmoniously toward helping the organization achieve its goals.

The Support Committee

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At one point of time, the Mauritanian Community association nearly headed to collapse had not been the efforts of some of our elders who revived it and took it to the Nov. 2011 general assembly. They formed a committee of the wise to study ways to resuscitate the organization and prevent it from desintegrating. One recommendation was to form a committee of support made of the elders to ensure a good continuity of the association.